Jay Dubs

Jay Dubs ‘The Keynotes’ 2009
Trutone Recordings TONELP006 

Album Mix / Vocal & Various Instrument Recordings

This project is a collaborative effort between two very talented individuals Devin Abrams (Pacific Heights/Shapeshifter) & Jay Dubs.
As I had worked with both of these guys previously on the ‘Pacific Heights’ album I knew what direction (mix wise) to take the project in. Me and Devin work well in the studio together and can bounce ideas around till we get exactly what we want.

The Mixdown for this album was split between ‘Organik Muzik Workz’ and Devin Abrams home studio in Wellington with all the vocals being recorded and mixed at OMW.

Jay Diamonds
Jay Dubs recording vocals @ Organik Muzik Workz 09′

The project went through many changes over the period of time. In the end the final product was one of a lot of hard work effort from everyone.

The album is now available  through all good music stores in NZ. Jay Dubs will also be touring the album alongside ‘Shapeshifter’ for there ‘System Is A Vampire’ NZ tour 10′

Jay Against Spray 
Jay Dubs in the studio next to a piece of his artwork that is now @ Organik Muzik Workz 09’ 


Jay Dubs ‘The Keynotes’ cover artwork by Jay Dubs