Harbour City Electric

HCE Recordings 2009

Album Mix / Vocal & Various Instrument Recordings

Simon Koziarski ‘Harbour City Electric’s’ acting manager/guitar player approached Organik Muzik Workz early Nov 2008 to discuss work on there first E.P Release. Most of the tracking had been previously recorded @ Trident Studios by Mike Gibson.

The first week was spent talking over the project with the band members and gathering reference tracks for both individual instruments and overall mix styles. This was important as the band wanted an E.P with a variety of mix methods on it with some tracks wanting to have that old original dirty funk sound, all the way up to a very tightly produced sound.
Once the vision for the project was created and each individual member of the band having there input the next stage could begin.

All the vocals were then recorded @ Organik Muzik Workz including Ned Warboys (Harbour City lead vocalist), & Lisa Tomlins (Rhombus) These were then added to the sessions of recordings from Trident Studios.
The next 2 months were spent on and off in the studio with Benny mixing to create ruff mixes of all the tracks. Once these were finished they were passed out amongst the members again for them to make individual track notes about what they thought of the direction the mixes were going in. These were then collated into one page of agreed upon changes to make. This process continued with synth parts being recorded in between and new mixes being sent out on several occasions. At this point each member came into the studio for the final touches and the mix was complete. The E.P was then sent over to L.A to be mastered by Kelly Hibbert @ Elysian Masters.

You can listen to some examples of the E.P here:

And some slightly more average Mp3 quality examples here:

Ned Worboys from HCE recording vocals @ OMW 09′

Lex French from HCE recording Guitar @ OMW 09′

Ed Zuccolo from HCE recording some synth sounds from OMW’s Moog Rogue 09′


Album Cover
Harbour City Electric E.P Cover artwork by David ‘Taay Ninh’ Wright