Electric Wire Hustle

Electric Wire Hustle
Wonderful Noise Recordings 2009

Album Mix / Vocal & Instrument Recordings

Organik Muzik Workz was approached in early 2008 to become involved with Electric Wire Hustle’s live show and studio output.

OMW takes care of all Electric WIre Hustle’s live engineering as well as overseeing all the technical requirements required for each show; liaising with promoters and production companies to ensure the correct equipment is specified and provided. In studio OMW takes care of vocal and instrument recordings and mix engineering.

Most recently OMW’s involvement was crucial to Electric Wire Hustle’s inaugural release on Japanese Label ‘Wonderful Noise’. The EP of two vocal and instrumental tracks was released worldwide on 12″ vinyl. OMW’s input consisted of the vocal recordings of Mara TK and the studio mix of both tracks ‘Perception’ and ‘Longtime’.

Mara TK from EWH recording vocals @ OMW 09′

Myele Manzanza from EWH recording drums @ OMW 09′

Dilla Kik
Myele Manzanza’s kik drum, recording @ OMW 09′

Electric Wire Hustle album cover design by David ‘Taay Ninh’ Wright